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We want to help you make your pet happier, healthier and more confortable. Having a pet is delightful, yet chaotic. Here we help you prevent and deal with that chaos.

Easily take care of your pet

They happen to have needs just like we do. So, why not do it with ease? Our products are designed to be both increase security, and also helping your pet (whether it is a cat or a dog) feel better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are designed to be used on a regular basis. Whether you work in an office, are currently studying or work in the streets, they can serve you well –since they are quite practical and useful.

Some of these products are pretty hard to find in conventional stores and once you find them they want to charge you an amount of money that crosses the border of ridiculous, so, we find these products for you and give you the best deal.

Here in Milou & Nala we believe in sustainable development that is why as a company we have decided to be part of the solution and not part of the problem through products that reduce the constant use of plastic  so that new generations can enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer.

Now you might be thinking that the use of wood is also bad and not-eco friendly but the truth is that wood is a lot better than plastic, especially when we talk about products we use almost daily, also nowadays we have more trees than ever before (if you want to see the study that proves this, contact us!).

If you want to be part of this, see our shop.

Yes, because of shipping costs but if you live outside of US you can still buy our products using one of these  have two options:

A) You can use your favorite Courier.

B) You can contact us and if you are willing to pay for the shipping, we will be more than happy to send you the product.

If you need any help with your shipping, please contact us through the different channels you can also chat with us!

Of course! We guarantee you a 100% refund if some conditions apply (such as non-satisfaction, lost in the shipping, and more). To see our Refund Policies, click here.

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In these modern times where competition is increasingly fierce, here at Milou & Nala, our main mission is to help all our consumers to be as competent as possible and achieve their goals and dreams, through products that allow people a greater and better use of their space and time. Making your world better product by product.


Our vision is to help millions of people around the world become the best versions of themselves that they can be by giving them the right tools to help them grow as individuals but also as part of a global community that we are all part of