5 Tips for achieving your new year’s resolutions

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How many of us have ever made New Year’s resolutions?

The answer is probably all of us, this is the date when everyone posts through all the networks, what are their resolutions for the new year, resolutions that in many cases will never, ever see fulfillment, according to an article in Forbes magazine, only 8% of people who make new year resolutions manage to complete them. There are many reasons why this statistic is so low, in fact, there are billions of them because each one of us has different circumstances, to say the least, but the truth is that there are a lot of excuses and bad habits that lead us to the point of becoming members of this infamous 8%. 

But before you left as fast as you get here, this post is not about discouraging you from completing your resolutions, actually, this post has a completely opposite agenda, the idea is to give you some tools that work as direct roads to the final destination which is, to be able to cross out whatever resolution that has been on the list for years, so without further ado let’s see what they are.

1. Changes the way you look at resolutions

Although we all make resolutions, the truth is that a good part of us in our subconscious already have a pre-conceived idea that we will not be able to complete them, this because we see these resolutions as extremely difficult things to do and therefore, the abandonment rates are more than 25%, the law of attraction reveal that once, we see what we have proposed, as something completely achievable we are more prone to achieve, is like if we start to create images of what we want to accomplish before we even finish writing it, so instead of writing resolutions with the idea that we won’t make it, we write our resolutions as if we’ve already made it, or at least as if we’re halfway there.

2. What about establishing some goals?

We’ve been hearing a lot of the term goals in the last decade, over and over again we re-post celebrity photos with the #goals, and then we go on with our worldly lives but, what are goals really? I’m sure if you look it up in some dictionary you’ll find it, my goal is not to get all technical here (saw what I did right there) but rather, to establish that goals are, those small steps that we must take to achieve those resolutions, so, what if instead of leaving a vague” drop ten pounds” on a piece of paper we start by writing “ Do exercise twice a week” and “Eliminate 500 calories from my daily diet” Goal setting when combined with the first step brings us much closer to be the best version of ourselves because our mind already has a pattern to follow and now all we have to do is follow that pattern.

3. Make those goals a priority

I know it seems obvious but at this point, we have made it clear that even do some things may look obvious there not always easy to achieve and that is because we tend to take for granted those things,  we start to believe that they are so uncomplicated that dedicating that much time to them is a waste, but let’s think about this, you had established as a goal spend 10 minutes reading in the morning and 10 minutes at night, but because 10 minutes is a short period you decide to skip it in a couple of occasions so, when you come to realize, you have already had 3 days without reading so make your goals a priority and as the highly proactive person respect your priority.

4. Sacrifice 

This goes hand by hand with the last one, and that is because to make one thing a priority you have to put another thing in a second-place, for example, the average person spends almost 3-hour per day in social media and almost 4-hour watching Tv, so with that in mind what if we just sacrifice 30% of that, and dedicate that time to your goal, whether its losing weight, read more books, engage in more meaningful conversations with people; whatever it is. Now I want to be clear here, I not telling you to delete your social media whatsoever, but to be wiser in the way that you use it.

5. Be patience 

Last but not least, patience this one is one of the most important ones because the best majority of things that matters and are valuable are going take some time for us to see the results, which is pretty good for us because it teaches us a lot more valuable lessons than those we get when with have everything that we want in a short time, it gives us resilience, a hard work mentality, it helps us to forget of instant gratification, and make us more appreciative of what we just accomplished. So last time your mind or some person wants to make you feel bad about you not getting where you want to be, remember to yourself and to that person, this is not an overnight process, and because of that, I got to be patient.

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